Chanakya Junior college is providing Integrated program of NDA entrance exam preparation. This course will prepare you for NDA written examination. Chanakya Junior college’s NDA exam preparation coaching reduce the student’s two-way burden got a great significance from parents. This program helps the students by studying under one roof for schooling as well as coaching at best junior college in pune.

 Services Selection Board, popularly referred to as ‘SSB Interview’, is a Personality and Intelligence Assessment conducted specifically to analyze the potential and compatibility of candidates for commission into the Armed Forces of India as officers. The interview process, which consists of a series of scientific and time tested psychological testing techniques, is usually spread over a span of five days. If YOU also aspire to join Armed Forces of India and serve the nation with pride, then be rest assured that you are in the right hands. Having trained thousands of candidates for SSB, the faculty at Chanakya Junior College is adept to guide and direct you in the right direction. With hundreds of SSB coaching institutes, do you know what makes Chanakya Junior College the best SSB coaching institute in Pune.

 It is our commitment towards providing experiential training on a 100 percent look-alike GTO training ground, as is seen in the SSBs along with NDA written coaching. The Institute is run by experts in the field, having long experience as Selection Board members in various SSBs. Each training program conducted at our centers is based on a systematic approach which lays equal emphasis on hands on training, evaluation, and feedback so as to get a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Some of the facilities provided at our SSB coaching centre in Pune and other Areas  include over 15 Command Tasks, numerous Group Tasks (PGTs, HGTs and FGTs), all Individual Obstacles and Group Obstacles (Snake Race).Indoor facilities include air conditioned seminar halls and classrooms where all types of tests and mock interviews are conducted. For holistic development, Personality Development Programme is dove tailed into the SSB training.